How early should I arrive to Bolt Parking?

Arrive at Bolt Parking 30 minutes before you’d like to be at the terminal. As per airport guidelines, you should be at your terminal 2 hours before your flight.

Example: If your flight is at 08AM, you should be at the Airport at 6AM; and therefore at Bolt Parking at 5:30AM.

How far is Bolt Parking from the Terminals?

BoltParking is approximately 10 minutes from the airport. When traveling on a domestic flight, the airlines request arrival at the airport two hours prior to your scheduled departure time. For international flights, the airlines request arrival at the airport three hours prior to your scheduled departure time. Although we try to stick to the 15 minute rule, traffic in the airport, weather, and unexpected circumstances may delay the shuttle. (However, it is wise to check with your airline for specific times and/or last minute rescheduling issues). For driving directions or to view a map, please click here.

How often do Bolt Parking shuttles drive to/from the airport?

The frequency of shuttles to the LGA Airport is based on number of reservations for a specific timeframe. Worst case scenario, the shuttle leaves at least every 25-30 minutes and/or as soon as it is at full capacity. You are able to comfortably catch a shuttle at least twice an hour from Bolt Parking to your terminal at LGA Airport.

Upon your return, a shuttle will be dispatched to your terminal after requesting a shuttle through the text message portal with the “Request Shuttle” icon . Wait times vary case by case, but the same 25-30 minute rule applies. *Subject to airport traffic.

Are you open 24/7?

Yes, BoltParking is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What if my flight gets cancelled?

Any reservation made directly at is at no charge to you. Third party reservations, such as Way and others will charge a deposit fee that will need be refunded upon cancellation. You’ll need to contact third party websites for any refunds pertaining to cancellations directly. It is highly advisable to book only through for the best experience.


BoltParking logs all lost and found items.